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Claim Assistance

Claims Assistance-

(big stop sign with the hand on it) have you consulted a pro to see if you have the damage to make an insurance claim on your property warranted? We highly encourage all of our potential clients to reach out to a pro before contacting The Insurance Company. Let our trained staff perform a thorough inspection to see if you really have sufficient damage that would warrant a mark in your file with your insurance carrier.

Claims Assistance-
So many times we see our clients handle the word insurance like its taboo, I can almost see the cringe in their faces. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes time to utilize a tool that we’ve ALL been paying for most of if not all of our lives. This is also unfortunately sometimes what insurance companies bank on, the fear, or the overwhelming feeling over the process of filing an insurance claim. We take great pride in leading our clients through what we call *The Seamless Process*, a process we have been navigating for a good many years now. We will take you through the step by step process and make sure you are fully prepared and confident that you have a claimable situation. Our Steps for this process –
1. We compare your property address with our state of the art verified industry leading software to see if it matches any valid storm dates that would cause sufficient damage to your property.
2. We take a trained perimeter-ground-roof approach that we learned from some of the most seasoned CAT adjusters in this industry.
3. We document and photograph any damage that would apply.
4. We compile everything needed and present it to our clients in an unbiased fashion.
5. Once a firm decision has been given from our clients, we navigate the deep waters and do the heavy lifting. We can-Initiate claims, collect all pertinent information, help set up adjuster meetings, meet your insurance adjuster, and basically be your eyes and ears on everything from A-Z. It’s our ultimate goal and main objective to see you feel at ease and comfortable.
6. Just like no one would go to court without an attorney, we would never recommend that our clients file a claim without a specialist. What we mean by specialist-A company who is versed in damage, what it looks like, how it may affect the property, the correct way to make it right, knowing the items and what should truly be paid for from the insurance carrier, and the steps that it’s going to take to see it to fruition. We LOVE to give everyone that chance to do the right thing, but sadly in our experience we see time and time again; that if not checked, insurance companies love to either not pay, or pay the least amount that’s possible. We have our back, and it shows in our reviews.