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Carolina Professional
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The Excellence in Roof Systems

Our Story

When we first got into the roofing world, We Simply put into every project what we would expect on our own home. We also wanted to treat all of our clients the way we want to be treated- these two ingredients combined with our knowledge of quality, doing it right the first-time mentality, that local is healthy for everyone dedication, quality doesn’t cost that it pays beliefs, passion for what we do, and our artistic touch, has gained us much respect, repeat business, and love from our clients. Taking everything, we’ve learned over the past almost 30 years, combined with our client satisfaction led us into the commercial world as we found a revolutionary system that would let us continue to love what we do and save our clients a ton of money; it was simply a no brainer.

 Attending Oak Ridge Military Academy in NC has done so much for us as a detail-oriented company, and we do everything from the heart and with pride.  Let our family extend the values we hold to your next project. Family Pride, Local Pride.  We worked hard for our preferred industry status and it reflects in every project, down to the warranties that we proudly stand behind. From my family to yours!